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The Victory Vertical Project


Audience response


“Very moving and poignant!  I cried.  Lovely, brilliant, exciting, informative!”


“Enjoyed it very much.  Wonderful selections!  Wonderful performance!”


“Music history we should all know about.  Sobering, memorable, . . . so much to soak in that one would need to see and hear it again.  Excellent piano performances.  Thanks!”


“Fabulous!  Hope you’ll do another one locally. . .”


“Thoroughly enjoyed your fine piano performance and lecture. . .”


“Such great music!!  Love that it’s put into historical context.  I want to hear more!! And know more about those pianos. . .”


“Loved the combo of history, storytelling and music.”


“It was an incredible and inspiring combination of history and music and the awe-inspiring beauty of music!”


“I enjoyed this program immensely!”


“I enjoyed it very much.  The musical selections were marvelous.  The combination of the slides with the Warsaw Concerto was very moving!”


“A great concert! Good job introducing each piece and priming the audience for what to listen for – especially the Ross Lee Finney Sonata.”


“A wealth of information!  This program treasures such a crucial era in American history. . .”


“Thank you for a wonderful, emotional presentation! Very empathetic lecture!”


“EXCELLENT PROGRAM!  I appreciated the cameos of World War II.  I am a veteran of Vietnam and I wish we had pianos there to improve morale. . .”


“Wonderful music—interesting stories—woven together well. . .”


“Great!  No, FANTASTIC!!  Enjoyed the lecture recital format.”

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